We are ready to welcome you at the place of your dream. Whether you are looking for a conference hall or a castle for your wedding, just let your imagination fly all over France in search of the perfect venue.
We have gone through rigorous search of venues for our portfolio to provide you with the most elaborate choice. And even if you still looking for something extra, we will be more than happy to find it for you.
Nearly 300 venues
We believe there are 6 main types of the venues
that you can ever find.
The marvelous nature, romantic scenes, astonishing architecture. What else is needed for a perfect marriage or gala concert?

These places are reserved for unique moments of your life.

The options that we have are located in the most beautiful regions all over France.
Hôtels particuliers
This type of the venues is unique and elegant.
Secrete, private or simply charming due to its roots of creation. From a small exclusive event to a bigger presentation, we have a number of venues in this specific style that accommodate different party formats.

These venues are perfectly suitable for reunions, cocktails, dinners, brunches, photo shootings, showrooms and marriages.
Exclusively available for cocktails and dinners, these venues in Haussmann style or also known as "Pierre de taille" offer you its remarkable architecture.

Corporate events, private events, shootings, showrooms...

These are places that will definitely add value to your event.
If you are in favor of industrial style or just looking for something more modern rather than classic, we have a large choice of lofts, workshop or industrial spaces.

Old fabrics, exposed brick, lofts have its own beauty and spirit that pleased to be accommodate cocktails, conferences, reunions, dinners or any other event of your choice.
Feeling a need of height and airy, or looking for an incredible view over the most beautiful monuments to impress your guests?

Ask for our rooftops.
Different areas, styles and capacities, whether for a cocktail, dinner or a shooting, we will help you find the one that will perfectly suit your event.
Stylish, architectural masterpieces with swimming pools, based in the Côte d'azur, the south of France.

Book it as soon as possible, to reserve your place under the Mediterranean sunshine.

Great for private and dancing parties.